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Purdue Student ID

Voting is THE foundational right in a democracy. I am glad Purdue will be adding expiration dates to their IDs but we need a better solution for current students than a $10 charge to update their IDs. I look forward to learning more at Thursday’s Board of Elections meeting.

Carroll County Jail

When people ask me about the big issues facing the County Council, I always mention overcrowding at our jail. Changes to state law have impacted county jails throughout Indiana. Nearby Carroll County has decided to build a new jail. We expect a report with recommendations for Tippecanoe County Jail this summer.


County Jail Crisis

When I met with fellow county councilors from throughout Indiana last December, a problem that I heard over and over again was that county jails were overcrowded. Here in Tippecanoe, our jail is very near capacity and last year a study was commissioned to make recommendations for improvements. It is expected to be presented before we begin the 2020 budget session that happens in September. Here is some background: